Wednesday, October 15, 2008

James White= Used Car salesman=False gospel

I have been looking at this pinhead Jame White over at This guy is a real lowlife. He is a "Reformed Calvinist" who contradicts himself on many levels. When I was surfing through his website, one image kept sticking in my head. A used car saleman trying to sell you a lemon at the car lot. From his cheap suits to his slippery tongue this guy wants to sell you...a lemon folks.

This guy who hates the Catholic Church so much uses the same means he despises. He uses the early church writings to argue his interpretation of Scripture all the while bemoaning Scripture Alone. Then if you call him on it, he says he is just using them to show how they were not Catholic, but believed in Scripture Alone....What? This pinhead is clearly using a "tradition" of his own to try and prove his idiotic Scripture Alone position. He claims St Augustine etc all believed in Scripture Alone, to try and get the fish to bite. He is using the old bait and switch. You use a tactic to get your buyer in the store, then pulls you away from that to get you to buy in to his Protestant idiocy. This guy is nothing more than a cheap suit folks. A first class loser who would be shunned at any real theologians synod. He is truly a cheap sale.

If you want the truth, then go to the real Church. Anyone who shows up 1500 years after the real Gospel has been proclaimed, and tries to sell you a cheap imitation is not even worthy of being concidered a real contender. You can ride in a car that will get you to heaven, or buy one of James White's sleazy used cars and find yourself rotting in hell with his cheap false Gospel. We used to throw punks like him up on the hood of the car for trying to sell us a used piece of crap in my neighborhood. Buyer beware of this punk who is trying to sell you ....a lemon.

Your truly... Frank


DrOakley said...

Hey, thanks, Frank, that was a real kind (and accurate) commentary! I just blogged it as well. I hope someday you'll actually try listening, or reading, fairly! Blessings!

James White

Anonymous said...

I concider this to be the best argument against Jame White using early church writings. What insight and love!

Your truly…
C.L. Bolt

Andrew E. Courtis said...

Hi Frank. Your post doesn't accurately represent James White's teachings, nor do they prove him wrong. Before you do another post on this subject, please take time to read Dr. White's books:

(1) The Roman Catholic Controversy (1996)
(2) Scripture Alone (2004)

Also, please find time to listen to:


Troy Prayer Watch said...
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Troy Prayer Watch said...

Hello Frank,

You have written that James White is teaching a false gospel. That is a serious accusation. Do you have an example of how James White is giving people a false gospel?

Walter Hampel

Pilgrimsarbour said...

To be Frank,

Honestly, you really should consider not posting anymore. Not only are you ignorant of what James White teaches, your acrid tone indicates your unfamiliarity with the fruits of the Spirit as well. The vast quantity of typos alone severely undermines any credibility you may wish to establish with your readers. Intelligent, readable blogging really isn't for you. Trust me.



lbovee said...

Sir, with all due respect, it is unfortunate that you did not notice that it is *your* rant that resembled the cheap used car-saleman tactics. You provided not factual evidence for your argument.

Dr. White provides in-depth biblical and scholarly research in his books, debates and on his blog. The references and end-notes in his books are exceptionally well researched. His book 'The Roman-Catholic Controversy' settled in my mind, once and for all, who has the true gospel.

I hope that you will take the time to read this book, and check the references provided. I think you will find that he is not teaching a false gospel, but the true gospel.

Rom 10:9, Heb 10:14

Frank Luciani said...

lbovee, no White is not a scholar but a jackass. Anyone who thinks they can come along and change Christian doctrine and Biblical interpretations 1500 years after the original gospel is not a scholar, but a delusional boob. There was no "reformation" because the gospel has always been preached by the Church everywhere for all time. That was the promise given to by Christ.

You sir are a complete moron for following such a delusional character. When we look at such fools and charlatans like David Koresh, Jim Jones, and Joseph Smith we see the true colors of James White. He is the creator of his own religion, based on the lies of John Calvin. He is so arrogant as being the arbiter of Biblical interpretation that he may soon be opening his own compound to indoctrinate those poor fools who do not know their Catholic faith. If he tells you to drink the poison grape Kool-Aid will you follow? This is guy is a real lowlife. Wake up!@!!!

Big Red Machine said...

You have made one true statement so far, Frank. "the gospel has always been preached by the Church everywhere for all time." That is correct. It does not follow that Rome is or always was the source of that gospel, although I know that is what your rants have implied. In fact, that is the protest of the Protestant, that Rome was not the source of the gospel and volumes have been written that prove that very point. There is delusion involved, indeed, but I believe it may involve those four fingers pointing the other direction. Frank, examine the Scripture, let loose of Little Italy and Roman tradition and search the Scriptures. Do not forget that Paul was standing there holding the cloaks of those stoning Stephen for preaching the truth.

Frank Luciani said...

Look Red Machine. You have to be kidding me. You are going to tell me that the Reformation put everything back like it was in the early Church? You are really living a delusional fantasy. None of the early writers believe anything that you believe that is contrary to what the Catholic Church teaches. You and White, along with his predecessors Calvin, Luther, Melanchthon etc, are all heretics. They are all from the devil, do you understand that? Let loose of your Protestant mindset for once and read the Sacred Scriptures at face value in light of the Church guided buy God for last 2000 years and maybe you will finally get it. Until then you are just another separated outsider who is in danger of hell pal. Thats a fact.

Big Red Machine said...

Empty rhetoric. All there really is to comment in this thread is the ad hominem attack on a brother in Christ. No where have you presented arguments to label others "heretics." However, I can tell by the tone of this blog entry and your follow up entry what type of fruit is being produced, and "by their fruits you shall know them." However, no one has any business calling anyone else a heretic based on what is going on in this conversation.

Grace and peace.

Frank Luciani said...

Don't talk about fruits to me pal. We all know the lying face of the common "Reformed" apologists these days, which follow right in line with that of the jerk-off John Calvin. He was a liar and so are the rest of you. That is plain and simple. The devil disguises himself well. As I have said 3 times already I am not here to debate you. I am not an apologist. I don't have to be one to recognize a snake oil salesman such as yourself. I can recognize the true Church from a band of jesters in their monkey suits any day.